I’ve always liked the idea of having one set of lenses and being able to use them on several camera bodies from different makers. This particularly appealed to me when digital SLR cameras came along. I wanted to use the spectacular Carl Zeiss T* lenses from my Contax SLR system on my Canon digital SLRs, but it seemed no one made such an adapter. I wanted one badly enough to go to work with a machinist friend and design one. I told friends about it and they wanted them, too. Over a couple of years it turned into a little cottage industry and they have sold very well.

These are not off-the-shelf items. My machinist makes them up in batches periodically as his schedule of other jobs allow. If you want to buy one or more, contact me and I will let you know approximate delivery date based on where we are in our production schedule. Normally I can supply in 30 days or less, sometimes even immediately.

The adapter is a precision piece of equipment, CNC machined from solid brass with the same tolerances as your fine camera equipment. It attaches to the back of any manual focus Carl Zeiss T* lens for Contax SLR cameras (or to Yashica lenses with the same lens mount) and lets you put them on EOS cameras just like Canon lenses. The full focusing range is maintained with infinity focus. Diaphragm operation is manual.
The adapter can not harm your camera or lens.

Automatic modes available depend on the specific EOS model. In most cases you can use manual metering and aperture priority metering. Most photographers prefer to use a hand meter, anyway.

While it is possible to buy only one adapter and switch it from lens to lens, most of my customers have found it more convenient to buy one for each lens.

The price of the adapter is $150.00. Insured priority mail shipping in the USA is $4.95. Shipping for two is $5.95, for four is $7.95, and so on. For shipping costs to other countries, drop me an e-mail and I will give you a quote. To Order or get a quote click the following link.E-Mail Bob I prefer payment by PayPal, which is secure and very fast. If you want to order and don’t have PayPal, drop me an e-mail.